multifunction vacuum cavitation rf slimming machine

Cavitation handle&PDT 4 colour light


2 Ultrasonic handles&2 rf handles


Vacuum with rf handle





1. 40-K functiioniing principle


Powerful shock wave head emits frequency of 40KHZ sound waves into the human body.


Which penetrates into human fat cells causes vibration impacts and movement in the fat


cells and in turn can effectively burn calories,reduce water retention in fatty tissues and


causes the fat cells to shrink.In addition, the strong acoustic vibration that causes cells to


produce a strong vibration impact, cause fatty cells to bust instantaneous, thus  reducing


fatty  cell  numbers  cells,  allowing the removal of the fatty cells.



2.. Radio Frequency Technology - RF:


It is referred to  as a high  frequency AC change of electromagneticwaves.Change of more


than 10,000 times a second called high-frequency current, while the RF is such a high


frequency current. When RF waves penetrate the skin, it causes collagen fiber to heat up to


45  °C -65  °C, the collagen fibers immediately contract,so that the loose skin wrinkles are


stretched by the stimulation of dermal collagen hyperplasia gradually promote cellular rejuvenation,


so as to achieve the purpose of firming and reduce wrinkles.



3..The PDT rejjuvenatiion use  of  wide-spectrum light principle,


utilize light particles of different wavelengths of light energy, the release of specific


multi-band laser illumination skin cells, can rapidly enhance the repair and regeneration


of skin cells, promote collagen and elastic fibers to reorganize, the complete elimination


of the pigment granules to improve the redness, reduce the fine capillaries. Allows


you to have young and youth skin.



4.. Ultrasonic:


Refers to sound waves that is not audible to the human ear. Normal hearing can hear the


sound waves of 16-20 kHz (KHZ), lower than the 16 kHz sound waves known as


infrasound or sub-sonic, more than 20 kHz sound waves called ultrasound. The vibrational


wave mechanical effects, thermal effects and bio-chemistry effects.

 *Fast and efficient fat burning


1)Cavitation from ultrasonic  proved to break up fat efficiently and fast


2)Through heating subcutaneous fat tissue to 42-45 degrees centigrade,RF can achieve


fat dissolving                       


3)Vacuum pressure removes fat by  fat suction forcibly


*Skin rejuvenation,skin tightening,wrinkle removal,skin texture and color improvement


RF technology heats subcutaneous fat tissue to 42-45 degrees centigrade to stimulate and


shrink cell collagen,tighten skin,rejuvenate skin,removal wrinkle and improve skin texture and color


*Toxins and waste draining away, lymphatic drainage


vacuum pressure can suct fat,toxin and waste in body in the easy way.Achieve lymphatic 


drainage at the same time


*Blood circulation promotion, metabolism improvement


RF technology heats subcutaneous fat tissue to 42-45 degrees centigrade to promote blood


circulation and  metabolism





1.Safe: Cooling treatment handle pieces to protect the skin well


2.Simple operation: Touch screen software & finger click operation simplify the using process 


and make it convenient for operators 


3.Reliable: RF is a non-invasive, non-surgical, no scar, no bleeding, no downtime


4.way of treatment, which can shape patients’ charming figure and tighten skin 


5.Long effect: One time treatment can make you feel the best result, and last for 3-5 years


6.Extensive treatment: It could be applied to anyone's sagging skin and aging skin


40KHZ Cavitation Head Frequency


     Ultrasonic Head Frequency


    Tripolar RF Head Frequency


    Photon Head Frequency



    Ultrasonic Head Frequency( samll )


    Bipolar RF Head Frequency


    vaccum with bipolar RF






     Working Temperature





cm*43cm*45 cm




 Those do not use the machine:


1.Pregnant women or women during in menses.




3.Patients with malignancy.


4.Patient whose wound after operation has not healed up.


5.Acute inflammation or epidemical patients.


6.Whom with heart diseases or with heart pacemaker..


7.Whom with kidney (gall-stone ) disease.


8.Who was embedded metal object or silica gel.


9.Who in menses, birth control  period, emiction incontinence period, or  accepting the belly




10.Whose body always take much inner hot.


11.Who has the genetic hypersensitivity.




1.Be sure to use the Slimming essential oil


2.Avoid knocking the  head.


3.For  avoiding  burning  the  head,  during  operation,  please  prepare  enough


ultrasoinc gel.


4.Don't stay in one place, avoid treating on the bone.


5.Don't use disinfectant product to disinfect the us head. We suggest the wet


cotton or dry towel enough.


6.Check the machine power cord if it is connected wel .


7.If you don’t use the machine, please switch off it, and power off.


8.Please take off all  metal decoration from the operator and patient’s body.


9.Please do not use the machine over 1 hour, after one hour,please turn off the machine


and cooling it .


10.During the operation, be sure not to accept other treatment. 

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