cavitation rf cryolipolysis slimming machine

Two cryo handles can work together


The screen is touch screen








Cryolipolysis Cryotherapy (fat freezing treatment) is a non-invasive (without contact)


procedure in which doctors place a small suction cup on a patient's skin. The device


gradually extracts body heat until the subcutaneous fat is frozen. During the procedure, the


epidermis remains within a normal temperature range, which leaves the skin undamaged.


Lipo lasers 650nm can penetrate the organization up to 8-10mm, the effective activation


and repair cells, stimulate the synthesis of cell metabolism, for the superficial cells biochemical


stimulation and hyperemia. 


Color Led lights are integrated with Galvanic currents to improve blood flow and cell metabolism,


giving enhanced results and stimulating the formation of collagen.


Ultrasound waves produce a mechanical vibration of the tissue which breaks down the cellulite,


increases circulation and has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.


Cavitation direct into the fatty layer, speedily vibrate deep-seated cellulite, produce


numberless vacuum cavitation, mightily strike the fatty cells, let them produce inner cracking,


and dissolve to be the free fatty acid.  



Controlled vacuum therapy causes significant mobilisation of localised build-ups as well as


having a draining effects.


Multi-polar RF uses proprietary technology to create a highly efficient and tightly woven


energy matrix.this dense energy matrix penetrates multiple layers of the dermis heating it


from the inside out. Complete skin penetration ensures exponentially improved clinical efficacy


and products clearly visible results





1.Powerful explosive fat,remove fat



Using the strong gathered acoustic emission of requency of acoustic head 40000HZ


waves, enter human body fat cells can generate a strong impact and fat cells, the


friction between the sports consumption quantity of heat, cost effective moisture,


make fat cells, cells when acoustic vibration can make a strong impact between cells, 


cells   instantaneous  blast  crack,  fat cells reduce adipose effect, achieve thereby purify.



 2. Deliquescent adipose, lymphatic drainage, firming skin, enhance the skin elasticity


With the most advanced rf technology and energy rf, can direct fat bodies, have deep


targetedlocation rf output of excellence, make fat cells in fast active condition, produce


higher energy to heat, friction local temperature, through lymphatic glands, ask deeply cycle


and the redundant and adipose body eduction to body outside, and toxin to   tender skin,


promote, tightening miraculous effect etc.



Tightening and Body reshape


With the fast freezing technology,the temperature can quickly reach to  -10°C,make  



the dissolved solid fat layer tightening at once, get betterslimming effects.




1. Adopt the leading-edge technology ultrasonic lipolysis in the world


2. Color touch screen with clear treatment parameters, friendly operation


3. Digital frequency control system, energy output evenly,precisely and steady, make


sure parameter can’t drifting


4. Suitable for all kinds of skin


5. 5--- 20 minutes per session treatment, no impact on your job or study


6. No pain, no cut, no scar, no any side-effect.


7. No rebound, long-lasting result!


8. Easy operation, easy study.

Host display

8 "TFT color touch screen


220V/50Hz or 110V/50Hz


≤ 450w

Cooling liquid

pure water



Pump flow rate


Vacuum pressure


Freezing temperature


Cavitation frequency


RF frequency


Relative humidity







Treatment process


1.Test the heart rate of the patient before the treatment [50-100 times per minute]


2.Check the fat thickness.


3.Clean the treatment area, remove the hair around.


4.Mark the size of the treatment area.


5.Apply the antifreeze fluid on the treatment area.


6.Paste the antifreeze film on the treatment area.


7.When receiving treatment, the patient should be sitting, making a 90°angle between


his/her upper part of the body and thigh.


8.Use the freezing device to suck the skin of treatment area gently, and then set the


intensity of the vacuum suction.


9.Use appropriate and constant suction intensity, the suction intensity is adjustable


according to the patient's individual vulnerability. At the same time, the mode of suction a


nd massage can be used.


10.After 25-30 minutes of treatment, press the pause button to suspend the suction, check


and add antifreeze fluid.


11.Repeat Step 10 until the completion of the treatment [once again press the start button to


repeat], after that, turn off the power.

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