FAQ About Our Factory


Q1. Is it a reliable factory? 


Reply:Yes,we are real factory . 


Q2: What about the delivery?


Reply:  just depend on your actual request and door to door services by air or by sea is acceptable. Such as DHL, UPS, 


TNT, FEDEX… by air; and the sea transport.

Q3: What’s the delivery time?


Reply: 3 -7 days working days, if stock enough.

Q4: How about the package?


Reply: Wooden case/ Carton/ Aluminum case (standard export packing with fully polyfoam or pearl wool) are available.


Q5: Do you have any timely technology supports?


Reply:  Professional technology supporting team will help you to solve the after sales problem. Also any questions you can


 contact us by telephone, viber, whatsapp, online chat (FaceBook, skype, mail) and so on. 


Q6: What’s the payment method?


Reply:  T/T, WESTERN UNION, ESCROW ,Paypal and etc.


Q7: If the machines broken during the shipment, will you support us?


Reply: We will help you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time



FAQ About Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine 



Q1: After cryolipolysis cure, what's the reaction?


Reply:The cure is noninvasive, patient can move right away.such as work and exercise.The cured part maybe turn red


and last for several minutes or hours,this part even will bruize,but after weeks, it will desappear


Q2: Painful ?


Reply:Most of the patients will feel confortable!During the clinical test,no one needs the narcosis or analgesic, normally,they can


read freely, and they can work with the computer,listen to music,relax themselves 


Q3: How long will the curative effect last ?


Reply:On the patients who fat deposit slow the reaction, our experiments are turned out that curative effect can last one year at





 FAQ About Diode Laser Hair Removal


1、Q: What is Laser Hair Removal?
Reply: Laser hair removal is the use of laser energy to produce permanent hair reduction. The 808nm diode laser


emits energy thatisabsorbed by the melanin pigment, resulting in rapid heating of the hair follicle. The heat


destroys the papillae(hair follicles) thatare responsible for the hair growth. Over multiple treatments, you can


achieve permanent results.


2、Q: What is Melanin?


Reply: Melanin determines the pigment of your hair. Depending on the mixture of the two types of melanin -­‐


eumelanin and pheomelanin-­‐ your hair will be dark or light colored. The process of laser hair removal works


by directing the laser onto the skin, wherethe laser’shigh-­‐energy light becomes absorbed by the melanin


located within the hair follicles. Once absorbed, the light transformsinto heat,eliminating the entire part of the


follicle responsible for the growth of new hair.


3、Q: What are the advantages of the Laser Hair Reduction (LHR) device?


Reply:The advantages of LHR include:


• LHR is CE Certified, meaning it meets the health and safety requirements set out in International Directives.


• LHR is easy to use; simply turn it on, adjust the skin type (I-VI) and begin removing unwanted hair.


• LHR can be used in the comfort and privacy of salon/spa/clinic; permanently reduce hair on your schedule.


• The technology used by LHR has been proven to be over 90% effective for permanent hair removal by leading


research institutes anduniversities.


• LHR is the most economical solution when it comes to permanent hair reduction. You will save thousands on


salon treatments and products.


4、Q: What does “Diode” mean?


Reply:The Diode laser used by LHR is the gold standard in laser hair removal. It contains small diodes, or


semiconductors,that arearranged together to produce light. The diode laser has a longer wavelength then other


laser used for hair removal,which may improve treatment results on darker skin types


5、Q: How many treatments will it take to being seeing permanent hair removal?


Reply: For 80-­‐90% of laser hair removal candidates, the average number of sessions needed to begin seeing


permanent results is 3-­‐5.The time needed for each session depends on the area treated.


6、Q: Does the hair grow back?


Reply: The LHR laser destroys the entire part of the follicle responsible for the growth of new hair. However, hair that


mayhave been dormantduring your previous laser hair removal session may later be in the growth phase and re-grow.


Having LHRat home makes it easy to treat the desired area again, destroying the remaining hair follicles.


7、Q: Does skin/hair type, color matter?


Reply:Due to the fact that a laser targets melanin, the more melanin an individual has in his/her hair, the more effective


a laserwill be. Lightskin and dark hair are the best combination for the laser hair removal. Laser may be less effective on


lighter hair.*We recommend consultingyour physician/dermatologist prior to treatment on darker skin types to avoid any


potential complications. 


8、Q: Does laser hair removal hurt?


Reply: Most people find little-­‐to-­‐no discomfort during treatment. LHR allows you to adjust the low laser


intensity repetitionmoving tominimize any discomfort you may experience. To further minimize discomfort, use


LHR Cooling Gel prior to treatment.Following treatment,apply LHT Revitalizing Gel to soothe skin and aide in


the healing process.


9、Q: Can I use the laser on sensitive/private areas?


Reply: Any area, except the area adjacent to the eye, with excess hair can be treated with LHR. The most


common areas arethe face, upperlip, neck, chest, underarms, back, abdomen, bikini line, and legs. To avoid


potential injury, exercise caution whenusing LHR on facial area.


10、Q: Do I need to wear protective goggles/eyewear?


Reply: It is highly recommended to wear protective eyewear when operating any laser device. Professional


glasses and gogglesare usuallysufficient eye wear protection, however even while wearing glasses you should


avoid direct exposure to the laser as100% protection is notguaranteed.


11、Q: Can I use LHR on my skin condition/tattoos/birth marks?


Reply:LHR is designed for use on many skin types. As always, consult your physician or dermatologist with


specific concerns prior to use.


12、Q: What are the side effects of sun exposure/tanning post-­‐treatment?


Reply:Prolonged sun exposure/tanning are not recommended immediately after treatments. Your skin may be


more ensitiveand all skinirritants should be avoided.

13、Q: Is LHR designed for use on minors?


Reply:LHR is designed and tested for use on adults 18 and over. For specific cases, please consult your




14、Q: Are there any side effects?


Reply: In most cases, there are no side effects associated with using LHR. However, in rare cases, skin


pigment change can occur(dark or light areas). Pigment changes may persist for months, but are almost


always temporary. These cases are very rare in patientswith fair skin, who are un-tanned.

15、Q: Is there anything I need to do/not do prior to treatment?


Reply:As the laser targets the root of the hair, do not use any hair removal methods that remove the root


(such as waxing) within 2weeks prior to treatment. Shave or clip the hair in the area you wish to treat. We


also highly recommend applying the Cooling Gelapproximately 2—3 minutes prior to LHR laser treatment.


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