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Technology Partner



Our company has long-term technology exchange and technical cooperation with some scientific research


nit, such as Beijing Century Central Research Research Institute,China Science & Technology University.


China Insititute of Fluoride ect. At the same time . One of the most famous leading companies in this industry



has come and visited our company. We have successful cooperation with each other all the time. 



Software engineer introduct




There has been more than 10 years since our software engineers engaged in software development, so the


strong technical skills and experience in software development with him. He developed products include medical


cosmetology, industrial control, intelligent buildings, electrical automation, telecommunications and other fields.


He used variety of controllers,  and mastered their own integrated development environment and compiler instr


uctions. He used a variety of embedded RTOS, including: Embedded Linux, UC/OS and embedded RT-Thresd


domestic stability! Now his developed products is stable, leading technology and high cost.



Hardware engineer introduct




Our hardware engineers graduated from the 211 national key universities, it was 8 years since he engaged in hardware


development. And he has advanced PCB design experience. His circuit board covering the aerospace, military


enterprises, medical field. He has an ability that analyze the principle of circuit boards, select components and layout


anti-jamming. He used variety PCB design software, including: Protel DXP, Cadence Allegro, ect. And a lot of experience


in the design plywood with him, he used orCAD, Protues software to aimulation and speciturm analysis, and able to


skillfully use oscilloscopes, logic analyzers for debugging circuit board. He can be competen completely the hardware


research and development.

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