TINGMAY beauty equipment, with independent R & D and production department, also in cooperation with the Beijing Century Central Research Research Institute, always follow the world's advanced invention and medical technology, to promote safe, science and technology, health, comfort, beauty technology.We have Cryolipolysis slimming technology, ultrasonic technology, laser technology, RF Technology etc...
IPL technique

 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a kind of light with high energy and broad wavelength,rangingfrom 430nm to 200nm.On one hand, IPL will promote collagen reproducing and recombiningwhich makes the skin more flexible and smooth. On the other hand, the light with long wavelengthcan easily pass through epidermis layer and will be absorbed selectively by pathological pigmentswhich will be destroyed by high heat, and get the effect of remove pigmentation.

Ultrasonic technique

Ultrasonic technology through the vibration function to produce 30 million times per second vibration of high-energy ultrasonic, the focusing probe, precise in 1.3cm fatty layer formation multiple focusing circle, a strong shock wave shock, blast fat cells, glycerin three greases is decomposed into glycerol and free fatty acids, excreted with metabolism, waves and selective heating dermal fiber, to reach the 60 DEG C, stimulate shrinkage fiber, hyperplasia, orange peel and taut skin wrinkles, weight loss firming wrinkles can be used to reduce weight or wrinkle cosmetic instrument.

RF technique

Radio frequency (RF) by radiofrequency current form electromagnetic wave loop and non intrusive mobile skin, stimulate the skin, open skin hole, dredge venation, stimulate the lymphatic return, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen the lymph detoxification and metabolism, detoxification, nourish, and stimulate the dermis layer fiber, collagen, new ordered structure, reorganization, tighten the skin, remove the orange peel, wrinkles, for weight loss and skin detoxification beauty instrument.

Lipolaser technique

 Laser melting fat diet similar to minimally invasive liposuction technique, and is suitable for used in shallow layer, local accumulation of fat, the use of high power laser beam will be fat busting and dissolved. 650nm wavelength low energy red laser irradiation, with lipid-lowering effect and other technology with laser to enhance lymphatic tube of small fat droplets of oil absorption and carrying capacity, a can dissolve the 500cc, can accelerate the fat to resolve, or attached to other slimming instrument for laser instrument reducing weight.

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