TINGMAY beauty equipment, with independent R & D and production department, also in cooperation with the Beijing Century Central Research Research Institute, always follow the world's advanced invention and medical technology, to promote safe, science and technology, health, comfort, beauty technology.We have Cryolipolysis slimming technology, ultrasonic technology, laser technology, RF Technology etc...
Lipolaser technique

 Laser melting fat diet similar to minimally invasive liposuction technique, and is suitable for used in shallow layer, local accumulation of fat, the use of high power laser beam will be fat busting and dissolved. 650nm wavelength low energy red laser irradiation, with lipid-lowering effect and other technology with laser to enhance lymphatic tube of small fat droplets of oil absorption and carrying capacity, a can dissolve the 500cc, can accelerate the fat to resolve, or attached to other slimming instrument for laser instrument reducing weight.

The Handle Design Concept

Handle design concept: handle design, according to the internal structure of better and more reasonable to achieve the best effect, to cooperate, so the appearance according to the internal structure to change design, but also for the use of convenient appearance image to change, make it better. The use of the handle design, we continually draw the foreign proposal and personal ideas to adjust the design. How to use to make it play the best effect and operation staff control handle is flexible. With different functions, the form of the handle according to the function to change , the effect is the best, the using is most convenient. Both the shape and the color have been upgraded to a large degree.

Cryolipolysis slimming technique

Frozen weight loss through a special extraction device, the precise extraction freezing energy, the frozen probe, non intrusive direct energy transfer to the treatment of subcutaneous fat layer, reduce fat temperature to 5 DEG C, make fat cells in the main active ingredients of triglycerides, by liquid cooling and solidifying into granular and lose activity, make the fat cells of a hour after death, after 2 to 3 months completely excreted with metabolism, achieve the weight-loss effect, the temperature does not hurt the skin, blood vessels, nerves, and other with frozen film can protect the skin at minus 7 degrees are not affected, for the instrument reducing weight.


In customer needs, a single function of the machine has been unable to meet the use of the crowd, theupgrade will be more functional integration.Improve the internal structure, the overall framework structure. Choose the best material and accessories, to meet the powerfulmulti - functional machine. Shell design also has the change, the screen, and the handle frame is further to change. When using the machine, the different functions corresponding to the handle and the operation is more convenient, the shell height, the swing angle of screen , the handle holder's position and the special handle. Adjusting the machine according to the users' convenient operation.

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